Just a second


Sometimes all the tricks to hide your sadness are not enough

Sometimes all the will force in the world won’t prevent you from doing stupid things.

Sometimes it hurts so much that disappearing into thin air seems fun.

Sometimes pain is so intense that suddenly you start to believe that there is a God and you even pray!

Sometimes you wish you would bleed out the pain easy and quick, but no it’s just slow and annoying. Your mistake, his mistake justified in your head and there is no time machine.

There are no heroes in a heartbreak. You hit the ground. Period.

There is nothing romantic about been heartbroken, you realize that and say fuck you media! Fuck you Friends! Fuck you Bridget Jones!

Sometimes you think about suicide but you know there is more to life than pain and thats when it appears.

A second of hope and you live for that second.

For hours, days, months…


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